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About Us Clark County Executive Horse Council

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2020 Winter Woolies
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Who and What is CCEHC...

CCEHC is a nonprofit organization incorporated on August 13, 1984. Its purpose is to join together individuals interested in horses, whether for business or pleasure, and to promote and encourage horse activities in Clark County.

CCEHC is comprised of a cross-section of horse owners and enthusiasts, as well as individuals, businesses and organizations. All of its directors, officers and committee members are volunteers.

CCEHC carries out its mission through the Board of Directors and several standing committees including equine education, Adopt a Horse/foster program, youth scholarships, park & recreation and trails.

CCEHC is one of the original charter members of the Washington State Horse Council.

CCEHC is striving to protect horse and livestock owners as urbanization spreads. Many complex issues concerning zoning, land use, nuisance laws, waste disposal, and water pollution face the equine industry.

The substantial growth and development in Clark County continues to present challenges to a way of life often taken for granted.

CCEHC is dedicated to representing the equine industry in Clark County, Washington. Its goal is to protect and preserve the rights and interests of horse owners and enthusiasts. CCEHC is widely recognized as an important instrument for constructive action for the equestrian community.

CCEHC offers a unified voice for all its members.

CCEHC Accomplishments:

  •     Sponsor construction of equestrian facilities at the Clark County Fairgrounds
  •     Provide a youth scholarship fund
  •     Promote equine educational activities
  •     Major fund raiser is the annual open horse show series
  •     Advocate for equestrian trail and recreational opportunities
  •     Endorse WSHC legislative activities
  •     Participate in civic and community events
  •     Supports the Washington State Horse Park
  •     Supports the Chinook Trails Association
  •     Southwest Washington Humane Society
  •     Day Break Park
  •     Clark County Fairgrounds Connector Trails
  •     Whipple Creek Trail Impovements
  •     Established the Adopt a Horse/ Foster Program

Contribute to other non-profit equestrian activities including:

  •     4-H Programs
  •     Clark County Fair Equestrian Queen and Court
  •     Handicapped Rodeo
  •     Handicapped Equestrian Learning Program



Latest News!

CCEHC & Adopt-a-Horse in the News!

Ripley's Horse Aid Foundation

Did You Know?

Ripley’s Horse Aid Foundation started in Washington State in 2002, and has operated its “voucher” program in Clark County since 2006. The original RHAF has closed its doors since the recent retirement of CEO, Wilma Tronstad. Wilma has done a tremendous job running the program for the last several years, being the only program liaison and also the treasurer and grant seeker for the program. The Clark County Executive Horse Council is proud to announce that it is continuing this fine program here in Clark County. Ripley’s Horse Aid, a Program of the Clark County Executive Horse Council, will be offering the same voucher services to horse owners in temporary financial straits: 300 lbs of hay and 50 lbs of grain, hoof trim, teeth floating, castration, and euthanasia and body removal. The vouchers will continue to be administered by animal control officers, at their discretion.