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The 2017 show dates are Jan. 21-22 (tack sale on the 22nd as well) , Feb. 18-19th and (March 11-12th has been CANCELED due to double booking of arena)
We regret to inform you that the 3rd show of the Winter Woolies series, scheduled for March 11-12, has been canceled due to a double-booking error in the Jack Giesy Horse Arena. The CCEHC chose to step back and let the other show go on. Not to worry folks!  This years buckle series will be shortened to two shows and we will hand out hi-point award buckles at the February 18-19 show. There will still be a third show!! This show, to be named "The Bloomin' Spring Show (aka Winter Woolies)", will occur May 6-7. We are very fortunate that our Judge, Cristi Knittle, will join with us to judge the show. We will be working on a new show format for The Bloomin' Spring Show, so keep an eye out for new flyers!
We hope you will join us for a fun and friendly schooling show!


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Ripley's Horse Aid Foundation

Did You Know?

Ripley’s Horse Aid Foundation started in Washington State in 2002, and has operated its “voucher” program in Clark County since 2006. The original RHAF has closed its doors since the recent retirement of CEO, Wilma Tronstad. Wilma has done a tremendous job running the program for the last several years, being the only program liaison and also the treasurer and grant seeker for the program. The Clark County Executive Horse Council is proud to announce that it is continuing this fine program here in Clark County. Ripley’s Horse Aid, a Program of the Clark County Executive Horse Council, will be offering the same voucher services to horse owners in temporary financial straits: 300 lbs of hay and 50 lbs of grain, hoof trim, teeth floating, castration, and euthanasia and body removal. The vouchers will continue to be administered by animal control officers, at their discretion.