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Adopt A Horse Program

The Clark County Executive Horse Council (CCEHC) sponsors many fine programs, and one of them is the Adopt-a-Horse Program. The CCEHC adoption program was created to accommodate area horses that are in dire need and therefore have been relinquished to Clark County Animal Control.

We have a network of several homes throughout Clark County that will foster a horse or horses for a temporary period of time until a suitable permanent home can be found for the horse. The foster caregiver would provide scheduled meals, turnout, grooming, blanketing, meeting veterinarian and farrier at scheduled appointment times, and general well care. The care items would include feed, hoof trims, teeth floating, deworming, veterinary attention, vaccinations, post castration care, blankets, halters and lead ropes.

Wanting to Adopt??

To adopt a horse from the program, please contact Lori at 360-798-3515. We require a contract to be filled out, we will come out and inspect the horse accommodations, we will check references and do a background check. The horses are not available on a "first come first serve" basis. We try to match the horse's personality with that of the perspective adopter. In most cases we offer three training sessions with adopter and horse.

Also, please make sure you have the financial means to give the horse the necessary care and feed (boarding, good quality hay, veterinary bills, farrier bills, tack, training) before taking the big step of horse ownership. If you can give the horse everything he needs to thrive, it can be the best money you ever spent.

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